4 Errors You Must Avoid When Crafting Compelling Product Descriptions

Compelling Product Descriptions

This is how Apple describes its Macbook Pro lineup – “Mover. Breaker. Boundary Breaker”. That’s an awesome way to elevate their laptop. Who wouldn’t want to break boundaries while on the move? That’s why product descriptions are crucial for a brand.

However, you need to be very careful while writing product descriptions. A wrong move can make you the target of trolls on social media and hurt your brand value. That’s why businesses prefer to hire professional product description writers for the job.

Content writing services help you avoid these product description mistakes

1.    Getting The Basics Wrong – Typos, Incorrect Grammar, And More

You may not appreciate the value of correct grammar and proper spelling in your daily life. It’s like water. You value error-free descriptions when you come across content that’s full of mistakes. If your product descriptions contain basic errors like typos, it sends the wrong signal to your customers. They view you as an unprofessional who lacks knowledge, and finesse and doesn’t pay attention to the details.

Unlike articles and blog posts on websites, your potential customers pay a lot of attention to those short descriptions since they rely on that information to make a purchase decision. That’s whycontent writing services always proofread their content before delivering it to you. They have a dedicated team of editors who make sure that the final description is free from mistakes and fit for publication.   

2.    Plagiarized Descriptions

It’s tempting to copy amazing product descriptions from your competitor’s page. However, that short moment of laziness may cost you a lot. First of all, if a customer recognizes the product description, it just paints your brand in a bad light. On the other hand, it also confuses search engine crawlers and affects SEO (Search Engine Optimization) negatively.

When the descriptions are identical to other pages on your website or on pages of other e-commerce stores, the search engine gets confused. When this happens, your page may lose its rank and even get completely removed from the search results temporarily. That’s why it’s important to check for plagiarism before publishing the content. When you get a reputable content writer for hire, they always provide you with content that’s plagiarism-free.

3.    Inadequate Information Or Information Overload:

The first instinct of a buyer is to search for reviews before buying a new product. Apart from that, they completely rely on the product description to make a decision. If your product description lacks information, the customer may decide to hop to your competitor’s website. Think from the customer’s point of view and address all of their concerns in the box. You increase the odds of the sale when you are upfront about your product.

Conversely, don’t overburden your customers with too much information. Product description writing services always craft their words to educate your potential customers about your product while keeping them engaged. For instance, when you sell a headphone, you want to emphasize a “strong and flexible chassis” and avoid “injection molded design” to present its durability. In this case, your customer wants to know if the product will last them for a long time. They aren’t interested in knowing about the machinery used to make the product.

4.    Writing Large Paragraphs And Using Big Words:

Remember a product description that takes up half a page? Such pieces of content don’t grab your attention and are less likely to stay in your memory. It makes reading the content a tedious chore. Long paragraphs are less navigable and force customers to give up even before they reach the “Add to Cart” button.

Even if you want to write large product descriptions, divide them into short paragraphs that are easily skimmable. Your ultimate goal is to improve the customer experience so that they can get the relevant information. Don’t bury them under a mountain of long sentences. Similarly, you don’t want to use any complicated words either.

Your product page isn’t a platform to showcase your eloquence and impress customers with your language skills. The ultimate goal of a product page is to sell your offerings and make sure that it’s comprehensible for your entire customer base. That’s why product description writers craft their content to make sure that it is at a 6th-grade level or lower. This makes the information more digestible for all users.

Product descriptions should be easy to read and free from fiction. They should provide customers with the necessary information and persuade them to checkout with the product. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes to make your sales figures soar and limit the bounce rates. You can always share the burden by employing the help of experienced and reputable product description writing services. 

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