How to Choose the Best Extension Cord for Your Laptop?

When you want to play games on your laptop or want to work outside in the open air in the backyard, you might want to have a high-quality extension cord. Simply because extension cords bring a lot of convenience. Also, it is important to remember that they are not designed to be a permanent way to power the laptop. 

But on the other hand, there are many things to consider to prevent overloading and keep the device protected. However, if you are still wanting to make a purchase, then choosing the right extension power cords is essential. And to help you do that, keep reading until the end to discover more. 

Which is the Best Type of Extension Cord for the Laptops?

As there are three types of extension cords present including light duty, medium duty and heavy duty – The medium duty cords are the finest option for laptops. This would enable to charge the laptop safely without damaging the battery. They often have a plug prong and a third wire present for grounding as they are grounded. 

Three-pronged appliance cords can also fit into the plugs of medium-duty extension cords. You can use such types of computer extension cords as it consumes power of up to 10 amps approximately. In such cases, 26 AWG wire for up to 25 feet of cord length can be used. Whereas a wire of 14 AWG with a 50-foot cord length is regarded to be more suitable. 

Tips to Choose the Right Type of Extension Cord for the Laptop 

Even though the task looks easy, it is quite daunting to choose the right type of extension cord. Isn’t it? That is why we have come up with ten useful tips that you may follow while choosing the extension power cords. Check them out one by one as stated below. 

Tip 1: Determine the Power Requirements 

Choosing the right type of cord is highly crucial to ensure that the device works perfectly. The power requirement of the gadget must be considered so that an informed decision can be made. 

Also, it is essential to make sure how much electricity the system requires to operate. Hence, make sure that the amount of amperage of the device is included in the extension cable. You must use an extension cable that can handle the requirements of the system as each device comes with its type of amperage requirements. 

Tip 2: Consider the Length

There are extension cords available in different lengths. Choosing a length that allows your devices to reach without having to stretch is important. The appropriate length of the wires chosen would ensure that the voltage delivered will decrease with length. 

This would not reduce the electrical efficiency and meet the needs adequately. You must consider the possibility that longer cords may have thicker wires. This would compensate for voltage drop as you choose the right length.

Tip 3: Verify the Wattage Rating

When picking an extension cord, the first thing you must keep in mind is to verify the wattage rating. This would indicate the highest load that can be supported securely. 

The combined wattage of all the gadgets or specifically the laptop required must be considered to match or exceed the rating. If you do not do this, then overloading an extension cord can lead to causing electrical hazards or overheating. 

Tip 4: Check the Construction 

You must not forget to check the construction of the extension cord. The material of the cord must be robust, tough and able to withstand abrasions. 

This would help to resist damage and prevent electric shocks. Also, it would ensure that the cable is durable and would long last more than expected. 

Tip 5: Protection Against Surges 

If you reside in an area that frequently suffers lightning strikes or power surges, then make sure to choose the one which seeks out protection against surges. 

It is advised that you purchase extension cords with built-in surges. When the surge protectors are present, they can shield the connected equipment from harm and voltage spikes. 

Tip 6: Consider the Environment 

Extension cords are usually required when people intend to use them outside. But the outside environment could get difficult to handle sometimes due to the bad weather like rain, storms, and more. 

Hence, when buying one make sure it is rated for outdoor use. These are designed to resist weather conditions and protect consumers from moisture and UV rays.

Tip 8: Consider Safety 

The next thing that you must keep in mind is to consider safety. You mustn’t chain too many cords as it may get risky. The gaps and cracks may lead to damage. Hence, make sure to choose extension cables which have been certified by reliable organizations and have undergone safety testing. 

You must seek certificates with the ISI mark if from India as it attests to compliance in adherence with the national safety standards. In addition to this, the extension cords must be placed in the right location so it avoids tripping. It is also important to keep in mind that you do not put them underneath the carpet as it is a bad idea and causes damage to it in the long run.

Tip 9: Warranty 

When purchasing the extension cord for your laptop, you must not forget to look for the warranty. Simply because the cord that you are purchasing is an investment and should bring durability. It should bring value to the money invested. So when making a purchase, ask the seller if the product has a warranty or not and then make a purchase.

Tip 10: Consider the Brand 

You must consider purchasing extension cables from reputable suppliers. There are many brands available from which you can choose the cords from. This would ensure that the cords are of excellent quality and meet the safety requirements.

Is It Safe to Use Extension Cords for Laptops?

Yes, it is completely safe to use extension cords for laptops but it entirely depends on what type of cord you have chosen. It is important to use the appropriate cord as each of the laptop devices has its type of power requirements. 

You must verify the voltage and current specifications that may be present on the label of the device or the manual. When you consider the specifications, it would ensure that the cord is compatible with the device.

Time to Select the Right Extension Cord:

After choosing the right extension cord, it is imperative to regularly inspect it for wear and tear. If you need to make a close inspection, then you can also use a magnifying glass to do so. As safety is the top priority, they should be checked for red signals and if they appear then they should be changed immediately. Having a computer extension cord brings convenience to the user and also ensures the device accurately operates. In addition to this, you must make sure to place the cords as optimally as possible so that they stay undamaged. They must be kept out of the carpets, furniture, doorsteps and other places ensuring they do not harm the cable in any manner. Keeping extra care of the extension cord is essential for the user as well as the device.

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